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The 2020 Spencer Award winner is Dr. Jerry King.  

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Dr. Peter K. Dorhout is our April 15th Speaker!  Check out our newsletter.

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Want to see some of our older talks:  Check out our youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxlY_JkfHYJy7KRFP5Q1Nuw  



Dr. Gary Clapp is currently handling most of our media relations.  He can be reached at geclapp424@yahoo.com or gclapp@missouriwestern.edu

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Building Great Reputations

Building Great Reputations

The Kansas City Section of the ACS is approximately 660 members and includes an area from Warrensburg Missouri to north of St. Joseph Missouri.  If you are interested in participating we have about 8 meetings per year culminating in the annual Kenneth A. Spencer Award in Food and Agricultural Chemistry.  The award is normally held in September.  


Building Great Reputations

Building Great Reputations

Building Great Reputations

The Spencer Award has its own pages and can be viewed on this website by clicking on the page.  Details about nomination and history are found on these pages.  The Kansas City Section is 143 years old this year. Founded in 1876 it is one of the oldest professional societies in the ACS.


Earned, Not Purchased

Building Great Reputations

Earned, Not Purchased

Our members come from all walks of life and are dedicated to the advancement of science through knowledge, safety and ethics.  We believe in diversity, inclusion and respect through our efforts and the merits derived in the work we perform.  This is a multi-faceted and multi-parameter equation needing all areas of input and need your participation.  


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We  believe that our section and the ACS should help society by providing education, networking and experience to our members and our community.  The ACS-KC Section is dedicated to improving lives through the power of chemistry and knowledge.

American Chemical Society Kansas City Section

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